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Pay it Forward Program

I started a pay it forward program about a year ago. The program is simple. I find guitars that need fixing or people donate them to give away. In the picture above, I gave a guitar to the Rare Bird Workshop, owned by Stacy Tatum. The guitar will be used at her place by kids and and people of all ages who visit her business who probably don't have a guitar themself. Some of the donated guitars come in perfect working order, otherwise I fix them up at my studio. Sometimes I find them at garage sales. I've even given away some of my own guitars that I don't use anymore. I ask friends and fellow musicians if they know people in need of an instrument but can't afford one. The program puts guitars or other stringed instruments in the hands of folks of all ages that, for whatever reason can't afford one. Any stringed instruments donated are greatly appreciated! It doesn't have to be a guitar. Thanks Ruidoso and surrounding areas for participating in my program!

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