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Functions of a Bridge Dr. for an acoustic guitar and how it improves guitar

Drastic weather dry or humid either one can cause the bridge of a guitar to come unglued and also may cause the top to form a bubble behind the bridge. Sometimes it also can happen with age and the constant pull from using heavy strings. When this occurs it makes the strings higher off of the fret board, making it hard to play and also will mess up the intonation of the guitar. So the Bridge Dr. was invented to be installed inside the guitar and its job is to correct the problem. It literally will pull the top back down to how it should be from factory. So the string height is right and so the intonation is right as well! This fixes both problems that a misshapen top will cause. Over the years I've installed many of these and they are fantastic! It's a small price to pay to salvage your guitar! For free estimate call me at 575-973-2702 or email me here at

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