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Even a nice Gibson can need a set up!

This is a nice Guitar but the strings kept breaking at the bridge while she was playing. So she brought it to me and I discovered that the top of the saddle (white piece on top of bridge), was filed almost to a point and the saddle itself was too high also. A saddle that's too high off of the top of the bridge and also coming to a fine point is definitely a recipe for broken strings. So I sanded the saddle down some which accomplished two things: fixing the string breakage problem and also lowering the string height (action) so that the guitar is easier to fret the chords or just to play in general. The guitar also needed the neck adjusted, the string grooves at nut filed down a little so that its easy to play at the first fret and not too stiff on the action. Also the peg hole for the D string had to be opened a little more because the peg that holds the D string down at the bridge, was sticking up some because the hole wasn't correctly drilled at factory or was off a little bit. So with a reamer it was made larger to accommodate the string and go all the way down to the top of bridge. I basically did a full complete set up and fixed the string breakage problem.

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