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Achievement in my beginner guitar class!

This young lady impresses me every time she comes to guitar class! She's been taking my class for about 7 months and she can more than successfully play all of the scales for the natural letters (CDEFGAB) in Major and in Minor category as well. Her chording is great as well. She's memorized almost all of the Major, Minor and 7th chords and can play them in sequence like you'd play in a song! She can also do all of my scale exercises using scales like 4 note curls and scale inversions. Trust me these are very difficult for anyone to learn. She wants to "shred" on the guitar and there's no doubt in my mind that she will! I'm really thrilled with all of my students. They range from youngsters to folks in their 70's! They are all working really hard and I see improvement with them every week! My teaching methods work as long as my students are practicing steadily! There's not one of them that I have to ride to get them practicing! For rates and availability contact me at 575-973-2702. Otherwise, visit me here at my site.

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